Style of studies Two scientific tests in Berlin.

From pupils viewpoint delivers a twin level in Berlin substantial pros: you are mastering on the basis of a instruction deal and should thus not manage including the tuition costs.

Your education corporation makes sense the educational costs service fees and makes sense you past even a coaching allowance. Certain requirements are great: a compact idea period changes any 90 days using a provider element of the focused upon the effective use of the idea of information on the business procedures. They discover online business practice with your exercising provider who are involved in appealing projects and obtain a substantial-level degree. You have good usually upon completion of your studies chances of a takeover, because companies invest a lot in you. Organizations thus advertise its junior supervisors and consider the cabability to study graduate capable of combine * inner on the firm. Find out more on the dual research projects in Berlin.

The dual research projects for the bbw College or university.

The bbw university or college may be the College or university on the Sciences in Berlin and Brandenburg. By incorporating into the design of business organizations (UVB) on one side plus the strong community of national and international relationships in business, science and politics however, the bbw School helps ensure close cohesiveness in between learning areas firm and school.

The provide useful training studies the bbw College among its main tasks. An especially rigorous collaboration with businesses can be done during the dual college degree type. Corporation is in charge of an amazing element of the useful exercising that takes area in close up examination with the university or college to fulfill the curricular prerequisites. A lot of the bachelor software programs supplied with the bbw College can also be provided in the dual kind, provided it really is located sufficient for most collaborators. Have you attention? Then get hold of the university, we shall suggest you.

The lessons of examine electronic manufacturing — control and safety methods, and electrical — grip power source and business type my essay for me expense call lines are presented entirely in the twin level shape. He is an example that a special program was developed together with our corporate partners, in particular Deutsche Bahn because of the great need of the companies. The bbw College or university really helps to counteract the specific techniques lack via a modify-manufactured training courses supplied.

Additional information.

Time unit.

Block Reports: A three-four weeks alter between studies from the bbw University and practice inside the firm. The double research at the College or university BBW is known as an ideal connection between theory and practice. The confirmed obstruct investigation learners can use their received theoretical information instantly on the provider and acquaint themselves featuring a peculiarities. The course consists of 6 semesters, it sets out during the winter semester.

Problems for cooperative businesses.


The basic principles of cohesiveness underneath the dual research projects are governed between companies and bbw university or college in a very cohesiveness commitment. The company carries a coaching deal using the college students. Below, the businesses are usually in basic principle to be considered free to opt for their college students is actually that students get the essential college admission have. One for your assistance commitment in addition to the teaching deal, we happily supply after obtain.


The fee for an undergrad level with the College bbw totaled 16,920 euro. These pricing is also paid by the employer / instruction business just like individually be predetermined training allowance.

Access requirements for college students.

Highschool or specialised college PayForEssay or possibly a carried out schooling as well as the least 3 years experience teaching contract having a partner organization.